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 Halloween is happening this year, and it’s creatively different! Families and neighborhoods are balancing fun and enjoyment with safety by celebrating full out with costumes and new twists on trick-or-treating. We offer some inspiration for family and friends who enjoy Halloween and want to keep candy in the fun!

Decorate a Trick-or-Tree in your front yard or porch by hanging variety treat bags from festive lights, low-hanging tree limbs, or flower bushes. These cheerful decorations bring big smiles to little candy hunters and allow for a touchless trick-or-treating experience.

Reverse Trick-or-Treat, drop off treats on your neighbors’ doorstep instead of collecting treats from them. That way others know the house has been “boo-ed”. Add a note, so your neighbor knows the treats are from you!

Crafty projects are fun to make the week before Halloween. Then showcase your creations made with candy on front porches throughout the neighborhood. Have a contest then eat all the candy!

Organize a costume parade through the neighborhood and throw candy to spectators. Have a spook-takular good time!

A Spooky Scavenger Hunt can involve a family at home, a neighborhood, or any group of friends, and any age group, but will require some planning ahead of time. You can do candy or non-candy treats with each clue, and even a final large prize at the end. Good haunting!

Stay-At-Home Games are popular this year, because they offer a Halloween theme and party fun. Spectral Charades, Boo Bingo, and Creepy Card Games top the list!

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