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  • 90 Years of Candy Bliss

    Posted by Meagan Moulder

    A lot can happen in 90 years.  Even thinking back on the last 10 years, I'm sure you would agree that memories are immediately flooding your mind. 

    Perhaps you remember breaking that personal record and winning the competition, or the process of falling in love with your best friend.  Or maybe you recall a lot of hardship that you had to battle through to become the person you are today.  Like I said, 10 years is a lot.  A lot of doctors visits, award ceremonies, parties, early nights falling asleep on the couch, sick stomachs, bad news, and even better good news.  It's a lot of coffee runs, brunch dates, grocery pick-ups, silly fights, the excitement of new relationships, concerts, face masks, Netflix shows on repeat, dance parties, and so much more.

    That's only 10 years.  Now think about everything that has happened in 90.  What could happen 90 years from this very moment?

    Why all the talk of 90 years?  It all started in 1932.  90 years ago, Atkinson Candy Company was created.  And what a 90 years it has been!

    In the last 90 years, so many of you have welcomed us into your homes and hearts.  You have tasted our delicious candy and have been reminded that in the midst of this crazy world, joy can be found in the tiniest of treasures.  We are so thankful for each of you.  You have reminded us that this world will never get too old to enjoy the sweeter things in life.  Together, we have given each other hope for the best, brightest, and sweetest future imaginable.

    We have accomplished a lot in 90 years, yet we are no where near done.  Stick around for another 90 years with us.  Today, we celebrate!

    Much love (and all the sweets),

    Atkinson Candy Company

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