Atkinson Brings Back Mary Jane Candy! – Atkinson Candy Co.

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                Mary Jane candies are back after leaving the shelves for more than three years. The New England Confectionary Company (Necco) manufactured the traditional candy, but when the factory closed, Mary Jane was looking for a new home. The little girl on the bright yellow wrapper told everybody there was a yummy peanut butter and molasses confection inside. Legend has it that Charles Miller created the candy in his home kitchen in Boston and named the treat for his favorite aunt. Mary Jane has now moved to Lufkin Texas and makes her new home at Atkinson Candy Company. President, Eric Atkinson, third generation of the candy family says, "The new recipe captures the flavor of Mary Janes, for it's the same components as it always was." It's still the sweet, gooey chew that many have missed, but her new makeover includes a rounder shape, smaller bite-size, and a wrapper with twist ends that no longer sticks to the candy. She's looking good after more than 100 years! To order, with free shipping, visit



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