Our Roots – Atkinson Candy Co.

Our Roots

Atkinson Candy Company takes candy seriously! We have over 80 years experience in handcrafting the quality candies that you love. Today we're working on making our sweet treats better for you with simple clean ingredients and nothing artificial. You can find our products at major retailers nationwide including Walmart, Walgreen's, Dollar Tree, Dollar General and many more.

Expanding Into Our Future

Today our business is constantly evolving with new brands, new packaging, simple ingredient recipes and new ways of going to market. We've recently started a 30,000 sq. ft. expansion of our manufacturing facility to accommodate for our growth. This additional space will allow us to lean into our future with more production and warehouse space as well as additional capabilities. There's a lot going on at Atkinson Candy Co. and we're excited to bring our customers & consumers along for the journey!

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Opening Atkinson Candy Co. de Guatemala

In 2010 we opened our wholly owned and operated manufacturing facility in Guatemala to avail ourselves of world sugar prices for our high sugar content candies. Today Atkinson Candy Co. de Guatemala specializes in handcrafting some of our signature treats including Mint Twists, Cinnamo Twists and Rainbow Twists.

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The Early Years

Our company started from humbled roots, but quickly grew into a nationally recognized manufacturer. From the late 1940's through 2000 we were known for our unique candies including Chick-O-Stick, Mint Twists, Rainbow Coconut Bars and many varieties of peanut brittle.

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Our Roots

It all began in 1932 when B.E. and Mabel Atkinson needed to find a way to keep their family afloat during the Depression. As B.E. said, "during the Depression no one had any money, but everyone had a penny." Candy was an inexpensive indulgence that anyone could afford. They started their candy empire bootstrapping their way to success. Mabel created some of the original recipes for the candies we still make today like Peanut Butter Bars.